Reef-building corals extract calcium and alkalinity from the aquarium water when building new skeletal structures and tissue.  If you’re keeping corals in an aquarium, you will need periodically supplement the water to replenish these essential elements for the corals. When adding separate liquids or powder additives, the ratio of calcium to alkalinity can quickly become unbalanced which leads to poor water chemistry and ultimately inhibit the coral's ability to grow in your tank.

ESV B-Ionic

Maintaining the proper ratio of calcium to alkalinity is considered one of the most important water chemistry parameters to “get right” when keeping a reef tank. The ESV B-ionic two-part calcium and buffer system is an easy way for you to maintain the perfect balance in your aquarium.  The ESV two-part liquid product is formulated to provide the same ratio of calcium and alkalinity used in coral calcification. This reduces the chances of under or over-dosing these important elements. The ESV 2-Part system will eliminate the rapid rise and fall of calcium and alkalinity that occurs when dosing unbalanced additives.

Using the ESV 2-Part system is easy. The recommended starting dose is 1 mL of each component per 4 gallons of aquarium capacity per day. Start with the minimum dose for your tank size and add daily to your aquarium.  Test calcium and alkalinity levels frequently and you can increase or decrease the daily dose as required to maintain stable calcium and alkalinity levels in your tank. If levels are dropping over time, increase your dose. If your levels are rising, decrease the daily dose.  

It is a good idea to pour the solution into an area of moderate to high water flow for effective dispersion. You can manually dose the solutions using measuring cups or automate using a dosing pumpBe sure to dose each component at least 1 hour apart, dosing each component at the same time will result in precipitation. Each tank will be different in terms of the demand for calcium and alkalinity so the necessary daily dose for your tank will be unique.