DR Instruments, a medical and scientific instrument company, created their Ultimate Coral Fragging Kit based on high-quality surgical instruments. The kit contains all the tools you’ll need to frag, trim and clean LPS, SPS and soft corals.

The 7" Heavy Duty Cutter has sharp, durable blades and the leverage to cut through tough LPS corals with ease. Just apply a steady squeeze with a slight twist for a clean, crisp frag.For smaller fragging, use the curved 4.5” Medium Duty Coral Cutter. This medium sized cutter makes it easy to get in between tight branches and make precise cuts.The 6”razor-sharp Coral Cutting Scissors are designed to frag soft corals like Mushrooms and Leathers. The smooth clean cuts will heal quickly.  The scalpel is especially helpful for making a precision cut through soft tissue and cleaning rock surfaces. Ten replacement blades are included.  The Microdissection scalpel will get into places other frag tools can’t. Need to remove bubble coral? Want to cut out that Aiptasia? The micro-dissection scalpel makes it quick and easy.

Coral Fragging Tool Kit

Placing your new frags is a breeze with the 6” Forceps and Microdissection forceps. These forceps make it possible to precisely hold, glue and set the frag exactly where you want it.  The kit also includes a tube of IC-Gel, which is a cyano-acolyte based gel that will firmly secure fresh coral fragments to your rockwork or frag plugs.  The entire kit comes with a protective pouch that will keep the sharp instruments safe and organized.   If your looking for a comprehensive tool kit to start sharing corals with your friends the Dissekt Rite Ultimate Coral Fragging Kit is the perfect solution.