The Reefpack 250 is a complete reef filtration system for reef aquariums up to 65 gallons.  The kit features the German designed and built internal Comline Filter and Comline DOC protein skimmer.

The Comline Filter combines surface skimming for removal of oily films with a bottom intake for heavy particles and sediment. The Comline filter holds a generous amount of mechanical, biological and chemical media of your choice.  The Comline filter uses an adjustable energy-efficient water pump which provides a flow rate from 70 to 225 GPH. A magnetic mounting system works on glass up to ½” thick. The Comline Filter can be retrofitted with a heater up to 75 watts as well as an Osmolator 3155 ATO system, both of which will discreetly mount into the filter for a clean installation.

Tunze Comline Reefpack

The Comline DOC 9004 protein skimmer is a powerful filtration device that uses Tunze’s “Flash Skimming Principle.” Small air bubbles rise and expand in the specially designed skimmer cup reactor. The patented over-foaming system drives the concentrated foam into the cup and out of the water.  This highly efficient skimming design rivals the performance of larger external protein skimmers. The DOC protein skimmer runs silently and releases no microbubbles into the aquarium. It utilizes the very energy efficient Tunze foamer pump and includes an air regulator as well as an air silencer.  The entire kit is packaged in a handy 3.5 gallon bucket that is perfect for mixing saltwater, storing top off water or general maintenance.

The silent operation and slim profile make the Tunze Reefpack 250 the perfect solution for those looking to use very effective submersible filtration with minimal distraction from the display aquarium.