The Seneye Reef is an aquarium monitoring system that uses patented technology to monitor your precious reef tank and can send you notifications in the event something goes wrong.  It also features an excellent and highly accurate way to measure the light inside your aquarium which will help you to accurately tune your adjustable LEDs or maintain the lamp life of your metal halide or fluorescent lighting system.

The basic Seneye Reef includes the monitor itself which is designed to be submersed into your aquarium and then connected directly to your windows PC or laptop via the USB cable.  The device then sends the parameter readings to your PC or laptop and is displayed via a very user friendly graphical dashboard. For those of you who don’t like the idea of constantly having the USB cord connected to your PC from your tank, you can purchase the Web Server which allows you to connect to the Seneye monitor using wifi.

Seneye Reef Monitor

Readings are uploaded and processed by the Seneye cloud. By using the Seneye you can automatically get notified by SMS or Email if any of the critical parameters in your tank change. The alert levels are customizable so you can adjust the system to alert you when you want.  It also acts as a great redundancy for those of you already employing a comprehensive aquarium controller.

The Seneye is not an aquarium controller and is solely a monitoring system.  Why is this useful you might ask?  To start, the unit can monitor free ammonia NH3 which is not available on any other aquarium controller or monitor. Free Ammonia is not usually tested due to it traditionally being difficult to measure. However, it is highly toxic and can be the cause of a complete system crash if left to rise undetected.

Seneye Reef Monitor

The Seneye device can measure ammonia between 0.001 and 0.500 PPM allowing you to take counteractive measures before it is too late.

In addition to NH3 it also monitors your temperature, pH, water level and lighting. It can very accurately read par values, LUX and color temperature inside your tank.  For $199, the Seneye is the most affordable PAR meter suitable for aquarium use.  The monitor can be moved around your tank in order to get PAR, LUX and Kelvin in different areas helping you to tune your lights.

Seneye Reef Monitor


The Seneye device is very useful for monitoring NH3 and pH levels when cycling a new aquarium as well as when adding new livestock to the tank.  When acclimatizing a new animal into your tank, you can easily take readings from your display tank and match them with your acclimation water; this way you can always be certain it is safe to add a new fish into your aquarium with minimal stress.

To get started with the Seneye Reef, you need to register an account at The registration process will guide you through each stage and give you instructions to use it with either a PC or seneye web server.

The Seneye connect software and Seneye web server gives you a snapshot of the parameters being monitored.  To take full advantage of the Seneye Reef you will want to visit your online dashboard by visiting on any web enabled computer, laptop or tablet.

The customizable dashboard has widgets for each of the parameters being measured. Here you can adjust your alerts and because the device stores a full history on the internal memory you can zoom in to view specific time periods and reference past data.

Seneye also has apps available for android or iOS to more easily access your Seneye dashboard from your cellphone or tablets.

Seneye Reef Monitor

For pH and Ammonia monitoring you will need to utilize the disposable slides that need should be changed out every 30 days. At the cost of about $11 each, it is well worth the investment, especially if it means saving your reef from a catastrophe. The advantage to using a replaceable slide is that there is no need to purchase reagents or calibration fluids as with traditional test kits and probes. The slides need to soak for 24 -48 hours prior to use in tank water and each slide needs to be registered on your dashboard.

You also have the option to utilize the USB power adaptor which simply powers the Seneye monitor which will then store all of the readings on the internal memory which you can then access at a later time when connected to a computer or laptop.

The Seneye Reef is a great product to protect your reef tank.  The ability to measure PAR, Lux and Color Temperature makes this unit an invaluable tool for dialing your lighting and monitoring lamp life.