Today we have a nifty new powerhead to show you guys, the Aqamai KPS Wifi Controllable Powerhead.  These pumps come from brilliant people at Hydor who created the very popular Korallia line of powerheads and they have used all of the best features from the Koralia pumps and integrated them into this very smart and compact powerhead.

Aqamai Powerheads

To start, the powerheads are extremely tiny, measuring in at 2.5” and just about 2” in diameter; roughly the size of an egg.  They can produce a surprisingly powerful flow rate of up to 1050 GPH with a maximum power consumption of 10 watts and are suitable for tanks up to 50 gallons in size.

The pumps are secured to your tank using the patented Dual Magnet Support System which gives you a full range of adjustability as well as vibration absorption for quiet operation.  The magnets are strong enough for a glass wall up to 15mm thick.

Aqamai Powerheads

The best part about these pumps is the control features.  Each pump is outfitted with a wifi capable control hub.  The control hub has a couple of wood screws for mounting, a cable tie and some cable clips to keep things organized.  The little LED indicator on the bottom lets you know which mode is currently running or the status of the pump if something goes wrong.  The Aqamai controller button on the hub will turn the pump off for 10 minutes when pressed for 2 seconds which can be utilized during feeding or maintenance.

After getting everything mounted, you simply download the Aqamai control app to your smartphone to connect directly with your pumps.  The app will require that you register an email address and then proceed to select the KPS pump you want to control from the list of available wifi networks on your phone.  Return to the app and you are all set to start programming the pumps.

Aqamai Powerheads

The intuitive app is very user friendly and allows you to not only control the power of the pump from 0-100% , but you can also create a set which is a daily schedule. Within the set you can choose from 6 different modes at every half hour of the day to create natural like flow patterns in your tank with a total of 48 set points in a single set.  Programming them is very simple and you can easily copy one set-point to the next as well as go back and edit previously created sets.

Aqamai also has an LED light that will integrate with the pumps for complete synchronization.  The LED is not yet released but we have seen glimpses of the fixture at recent trade shows and we are very eager to get our hands on one.  If any of you are looking for a new powerhead or simply have questions, feel free to contact our support team for live one on one technical support.