MODE Aquariums is a new line of aquariums that is focused on manufacturing high quality tanks with a unique approach.  This 75 gallon drop off tank is the first aquarium in the new product line and we were lucky enough to get our hands on one to set-up here at our corporate headquarters in California.  Some of you may have had a preview of it at Reef-A-Palooza Orange County back in November.

We are going to document the entire build on video for you guys and be sure to stick around to the end of each video because we are going to ask for a little help from all of you.

MODE Aquariums Drop Off Peninsula Tank


Upon seeing the Peninsula Drop-off for the first time, we were very impressed! The unique design and size is typically something that would have to be custom-made and would cost significantly more. The professionally-painted and shiny piano-finished maplewood stand arrives fully-assembled by experts to ensure proper support for the aquarium.  Thick layers of paint and the solid wood panels protect the stand against warping and water damage.  The double doors on both sides of the stand allow for easy access to the sump compartment.

The tank is constructed of 91% clear low iron glass which makes for an HD viewing experience and allows the true colors of the fish and corals to shine through. Taking a closer look, you will notice the beveled polished edges and clean silicone which are the kind of high end touches we have come to expect with high-end modern aquarium design. A full glass canopy is included to keep your fish inside the tank and help reduce evaporation.

The tank has an internal high speed overflow box that can handle up to 1000 GPH.  It includes all of the plumbing necessary to get water in and out of the tank as well.  The plumbing parts are industrial grade uPVC which is completely non-corrosive and will not leach anything into your aquarium water. Assembling the plumbing is super simple because you don’t have to glue any fittings or drill any holes.  Simply set the bulkheads in place and tighten them down for a water tight seal and pressure fit all the other tubing and pipes.

MODE Aquariums Drop Off Peninsula Sump


The included glass sump is well thought out and fits nicely inside the stand.  The 4-chamber design is very versatile and allows you to easily customize and configure your filtration system.  The tank package is completed with a high quality 660 GPH return pump to get you up and running.

I am totally stoked to get this tank up and running. As you can imagine, we have a ton of great products that would work great for this build and this is where we need your help. We would like to ask you guys to help us decide how we should build our tank and what equipment we should use and first up is upgrading the sump.


Drop Off Tank Build: Which Sump Should We Use?

On one hand, we have a Trigger Systems 26” Emerald Sump. On the other hand, we have a 30” Prototype Marine Depot Sump built for us by Trigger Systems. The Emerald sump is one of our best sellers and has a design that has proven to work well. The MD sump is just a Prototype but does have extra bells and whistles such as a cable management brackets, dosing tube holders and a compartment that can be used as either an ATO Chamber or a refugium.

So, which sump would you like us to use? Vote for your choice by clicking on the poll card in the upper right corner of this video and check back next time to watch us install the sump of your choice.