Majano Wand The Mini Majano Wand

The Majano Wand is an easy and effective tool for ridding your tank of pesky anemones like Majanos and Aiptasia.  The Wand works by breaking down the water molecules in the anemones cells into hydrogen gas and oxygen. This forces the cells to expand and burst, literally disintegrating the anemone on contact.

Because it runs on low voltage and does not use the electricity to kill the anemones, the wand will not shock you or your tank, but the tip is sharp so make sure to be cautious. All you do is quickly poke at the anemone with the metal tip and hit the button to zap the anemones into oblivion.

The entire wand and chord up until the push button can be submerged to make sure you can get those hard to reach areas. For those of us that have smaller tanks, there is also the Mini Majano Wand to make cleaning up nano tanks a bit easier.

If you are looking to rid your tank of these persistent pests, the Majano Wand is a great tool to have in your arsenal.