Poly Filter is a very unique and incredibly versatile filter media that carries the characteristics of both a chemical and mechanical filter.  At a glance, Poly-Filter looks like a regular filter pad but the fibers are specially formulated to remove a variety of contaminants and dissolved organics from the aquarium water without affecting critical water parameters. The synthetic matrix creates a significant amount of surface area which maximizes contact time with your aquarium water allowing for efficient removal of harmful contaminants while also trapping suspended debris. 

How Poly-Filter Works

Poly-filter should be placed anywhere in your filtration where water is forced through the pad, limiting bypass will improve efficiency.  The filter can be cut to fit and placed in between sump baffles, in a media basket, inside a canister filter, inside a power hang-on filter, or even cut into rounds and placed in a media cup in place of a filter sock. As water passes through, the specially formulated fibers will absorb a wide variety of contaminants, including ammonia and dissolved organic waste. It will not interfere with beneficial bacteria or alter critical water parameters and is safe for use in both freshwater and marine aquariums. Poly-Filter will not remove calcium, carbonates, or minor/trace elements meaning it is safe for use in Reef Aquariums too.

Poly-filter Colors

The most unique part about Poly-filter is that it will change color based on the dominating contaminants it has removed from your aquarium water. This is useful in determining what exactly is in your aquarium water but also as an indicator of when to remove and replace the Poly-filter. 

  • Blue/Aqua: copper or copper salts
  • Orange: iron
  • Red: aluminum
  • Yellow/green: ammonia
  • Brown/black: dissolved organics

Applications for Poly-Filter

Maintain Water Quality

Poly-Filter will remove dissolved organic waste (including phosphate) and filter out particulates making it great for everyday use in any aquarium to maintain pristine water quality.  Even if you're not trying to target chemical contaminants or medications, Poly-filter can be used just like carbon to maintain water clarity, remove odors, and ultimately better water quality across the board.

Cycling or Stocking a New Aquarium

Poly-Filter removes ammonia without affecting the biological filter making it great to keep on hand when adding fish to a new aquarium. Poly-filter can remove excess toxic ammonia, keeping your fish safe, while your new aquarium establishes a robust biological filter. 

Remove Medications

One of the best and most popular applications for Poly-Filter is for removing medications including copper, Malachite Green, Formalin, and a variety of antibiotics. Not only does Poly-Filter work faster and more effectively than carbon, but you can also be confident there aren't any leftover medications in the water via the color indication of your Poly-Filters. 

Absorb Contaminants

It is great to keep on hand in case of accidental contamination of your aquarium with things like perfume, soap, hand lotion, scented candles, or aerosol sprays. While these things are most often avoided around an aquarium, they often happen unexpectedly, and being repaired with a fresh Poly-Filter can be the difference between the life and death of your aquarium animals. 

Transfer or Shipping Fish

A little industry tip is using a small piece of Poly-Filter inside the bag or shipping container when moving fish.  It will absorb toxic ammonia and maintain better water quality while the fish is contained inside the small volume of water improving survival rates during shipping.