Poly Filter Chemical Filter Media Pads Poly Filter Chemical Filter Media Pads

Poly Filter pads are great for purifying your aquarium water. More importantly, they are a unique and helpful tool to let you know what is in your water.

Formulated with of a special patented material that is bonded to a synthetic matrix, Poly Filters provide a high amount of surface area for filtration. It absorbs and adsorbs a variety of contaminants and toxins along with dissolved organic waste. They are safe for use in both freshwater and marine aquariums and will not interfere with biological processes in your aquarium.

Similar to carbon, Poly Filter works great to remove medications and other contaminates to keep your water clean and clear.  The filter should be placed into your filter in such a way that minimizes water bypass to achieve maximum water flow through the filter pad.

The most unique part about Poly Filter pads is that they change colors depending on what type of contaminates it removes. If copper or copper salts are present in the water, the Poly Filter will turn Aqua to Dark Blue. If excessive iron is in the water, it will turn Orange. Bright Red indicates Aluminum and Bright Yellow indicated Ammonia, Amines or Solvents. There are several other color indicators that can be very helpful in determining the health of your aquarium

Poly Filters will not absorb trace elements used in salt mixes but can absorb certain additives. With regular use, Poly Filter pads keep your water cleaner and allow you to extend time between water changes. Its ability to remove ammonia efficiently makes it a great tool to have around when stocking a new tank or transferring livestock from one tank to another.

With its many uses and its unique features, Poly Filters are ideal if you looking for a fast-acting tool to keep your aquarium water in pristine condition for your aquatic pets.