Innovative Marine Micro Mag Glass Cleaner


Tired of unsightly algae clouding the view into your aquarium? We hear you!

Scraping the glass has become a daily routine for many aquarists. If you have to clean your glass once every other day, consider yourself lucky!

What about the corners that never get properly cleaned because the larger magnet cleaner just can't get there? Those large magnet cleaners are great for big jobs, but what do you use when you have hard-to-reach algae spots around your aquarium in tight spaces?


Innovative Marine Micro Mag Glass Cleaner


Introducing the Innovative Marine MicroMag!

The MicroMag is a magnetically coupled algae cleaner. It utilizes powerful rare earth magnets in it's design. It has a soft felt pad for the outside of the glass and a hard textured pad for the inside of the glass. A circular motion gets the job done and keeps your hands dry.

Each magnet measures 1.1” in diameter and .05” in thickness. We said it was tiny, didn't we? A low profile magnet cleaner is much more desirable than their-not-so-slim counter parts. Innovative Marine's MicroMag is also blue in color, which helps it to more seamlessly blend into the aquarium than some of its counterparts.


Innovative Marine Micro Mag Glass Cleaner 

The MicroMag is made with Neodymium magnets. Fun fact: Neodymium magnets were developed in 1982 by General Motors and Sumitomo Special Metals.

Did you have a magnet cleaner that began to rust? IM's MicroMag is epoxy coated, then encased in molded acrylic to protect against corrosion.  The magnet cleaner is safe to use in both fresh and marine environments.  It works on glass aquariums that are up to 12mm thick. MicroMags are tiny but tough, they get into tight spaces and remove stubborn algae spots! Great for spot cleaning, and perfect for nano aquariums.

We expect the MicroMag to be available on Marine Depot next week for only $14.99.


Innovative Marine Micro Mag Glass Cleaner


  • Utilizes rare earth neodymium magnets
  • Molded acrylic casing
  • Epoxy coated magnets
  • For Glass tanks up to 12mm in thickness
  • Compact size 1.1” diameter by .05” thickness