Innovative Marine Fusion Peninsula


Hot on the heels of their NUVO Concept Series tanks, Innovative Marine is releasing two more envelope-pushing all-in-one aquarium designs. Born out of the demand of hobbyists requesting a long AIO tank with filtration on the side comes the Fusion Peninsula, available soon at Marine Depot in both 14 and 20 gallon sizes.





Of the many aquarium shapes and sizes available in the hobby, the rectangle is perhaps the most popular. But with so many desirable choices for filtration and equipment, settling on a specific tank can be difficult.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced hobbyist, an all-in-one (AIO) style tank is just about the easiest type of aquarium system you can buy. The filtration is built into the tank itself so it is ideal for desks, bookshelves, and countertops since a stand isn't necessary. An AIO aquarium can even be great gift for a child who shows an interest in fish keeping.

Innovative Marine told us they received many requests from hobbyists asking them to build a longer AIO nano aquarium. Their response: the new Fusion Peninsula Series. In contrast to most AIO tanks, the filtration system of the Peninsula tanks is built into the side rather than in the back, making them incredibly sleek looking when sitting on a countertop. They are built using low-iron glass, which many hobbyists consider the gold standard for glass aquariums due to its stunning clarity.





The NUVO Fusion lineup from Innovative Marine has traditionally included some high-end characteristics and these new tanks are no exception. Starting with the dimensions, the 14 gallon measures 12" x 20" x 13" and features 6mm low-iron glass. The 20 gallon measures 12" x 30" x 13" and has beefier 8mm low-iron glass.

A traditional rectangular tank allows viewing from a large front pane and two shorter side panes. Fusion Peninsula aquariums allow viewing from two large panes and one short pane. This means the tank can function as a room divider!

Placement on a desktop or kitchen counter will provide you with great views of fish and corals. Both Peninsula models fall under Innovative Marine's desktop category, so there are a plethora of accessories like skimmers, reactors, media baskets, and filter socks already available which fit these tanks perfectly.
Innovative Marine Fusion Peninsula Innovative Marine Fusion Peninsula

Here is what's included with each tank package:

  • Acrylic filter wall with overflow
  • Pre-molded filter sock for mechanical filtration
  • Adjustable return flare nozzle
  • 211 GPH return pump
  • Space for skimmer/reactor
  • Rubber leveling mat


Stocking Ideas for Fusion Peninsula Aquariums:

As with any reef aquarium, the corals you decide to keep will dictate the light you put over the tank.

We think the 14 gallon would make a great softie reef with gently swaying leather corals and zoanthids along with some gorgonians and sponges. Perhaps an anemone haven with rockflowers and mushrooms cascading down rocks. In the 20 gallon, we would put more LPS like favia and perhaps a couple of SPS like birdsnest.

Fish choices are plentiful in the nano world. Gobies and damselfish provide color and movement. The antics of a symbiotic pair of Goby and Pistol Shrimp never gets old.

Fusion Peninsula aquariums will be available at Marine Depot after Christmas. We have both the 14 gallon ($199.99) and the 20 gallon ($249.99) available now for pre-order so you can reserve the tank of your choice.

Let us know what you like about these tanks and how you would stock them in the comments below!