When adding livestock to your aquarium, it is important to know if all the various fish and other animals will get along. Aggression between your tank inhabitants can be a real pain and the best way to avoid dealing with aggression is to choose compatible fish from the get-go. 

This chart can be used as a general guideline for choosing fish species in an aquarium but shouldn't be taken as absolute. No two fish are exactly the same and fish do have personalities which means two fish of the same species each could have very different temperaments.  What works in my tank, may not work in your tank and the possibility of aggression between tankmates is always there.

That being said, these compatibilities are widely accepted by the aquarium community and should guide you correctly in choosing the right kind of fish for your particular aquarium. If you wish to learn more about choosing livestock, check out some of the videos and articles linked below. 

Always be sure to thoroughly research fish and other pets before purchasing.  We also have a highly experienced staff of aquarium experts ready to help and answer your questions anytime. 

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Compatibility Chart