About the Owner

First, I would like to thank MarineDepot.com for choosing my system as a Featured Tank. I truly admire MarineDepot.com's devotion and commitment to this hobby through their support of local clubs, great prices and the fact that they employ knowledgeable hobbyists you can tell are passionate about what they do.

I am 35, married and have a 10-year-old daughter who plays the piano. I work at my family's furniture store that was founded by my grandfather back in 1960. I fix furniture, do customizations, deliveries and provide customer service.

I've always been fascinated by living creatures. It started as a child with a single goldfish, worked its way to reptiles, amphibians, tropical fish and planted aquariums. My parents were extremely supportive. As long as I took care of everything, they were accepting of all my pets. However, it came to a point where I had to raise rats to feed the snakes and monitor lizards, catch crickets to feed the frogs and other lizards, not to mention all the squawking birds. It was a fun time and it kept me out of trouble. That all changed when I was bit by my 13-foot reticulated python. I got the python when it was only 18-inches long.

Now I've settled on a pet that is quiet, colorful and very challenging.

Steve Garrett
Garrett's Acropolis
Costa Mesa, CA