The AI Prime was just released and is already generating a lot of buzz in the aquarium community. Since we've been receiving a ton of questions from interested hobbyists, we thought we'd test AI's latest creation ourselves and share some of the cool features with you in this video.

One of the most impressive features of the new AI Prime is that it has built-in Wi-Fi. That means you won't have to buy a separate controller to adjust your light settings wirelessly. The Aqua Illumination Prime LED easily pairs with your Apple iPhone or Android mobile device. You can also connect the light to your home wireless network if you prefer to control the light from a desktop or notebook computer.

Similar to other AI aquarium lights, the Prime is a full spectrum LED light. It features 13 LED chips in 7 different colors including Cool White, Blue, Deep Blue, 415nm Violet, Green, Deep Red and 405nm UV. This combination allows you to get the best color out of your corals. The AI Prime is 45 watts, has a spread of 18" x 18" and has peak PAR of 500┬ÁMol at a depth of 12" (see updated information at end of this article).

We demoed the light over a 20" x 20" x 20" Current USA Solana aquarium using the new AI Prime Tank Mount and felt it illuminated the whole tank quite well! The tank mount is cool because it allows you to swivel the light side-to-side or up and down so you can position it to your liking. Aqua Illumination also offers a sold separately hanging kit if you prefer to suspend the fixture. You can still tilt and swivel the Prime should you opt for the hanging kit.

There are several different ways you can program the AI Prime using the myAI app (available free in Google Play or the Apple App Store). In Manual Mode, you can adjust the intensity of each channel from 0% to 100% to dial in the exact coloration you're looking for.

Most hobbyists will probably use Auto Mode. Here you can select each color channel and program the intensities and time points for each color. The Prime then travels through each of the time points you've set throughout the day to create an impressive sunrise/sunset effect.

To make things as easy as possible, AI also includes an Easy Setup mode. Just click on the Easy Setup icon and enter your sunrise time, sunset time as well as the ramp time. From there, you can adjust the minimum and maximum intensities of each color and AI's intelligent software will take care of the rest.

AI has done a terrific job with their new Prime LED. With all the control features plus built-in Wi-Fi, it's an amazing value at only $199.

If you are interested in the Aqua Illumination Prime and would like to learn more, visit our website or contact our experts and we'll help you determine if the Prime is right for you.

Thanks for reading and until next time, take care and happy reefkeeping.

UPDATE 5/6/15: AI has provided us with new information indicating that the spread of the AI Prime is actually 30" x 30" with a peak PAR of 260┬ÁMol at a depth of 12". The Prime draws a maximum of 50 watts from the wall and follows in the energy-efficient footsteps of other Aqua Illumination LED aquarium lights.