Your troubles are over. No need to drill a hole on your tank or sacrifice a chamber. All you need to get started is the CPR AquaFuge2 Hang-On Refugium. It comes in 3 different sizes to suite your needs. Recently redesigned with a black acrylic backing to prevent light from transferring to the main aquarium, each model comes with a powerhead and features a unique baffle system. This prevents the substrate and organisms from being disturbed yet also allows enough water to flow through the eliminate any stagnant areas.

The AquaFuge2 provides ideal growth conditions for food items, such as copepods and ampipods, to feed invertebrates and fish in the main tank. It provides a controlled growing area for macroalgae, which can be used to reduce "nuisance" algae in the main tank and provided a "nursery" area for a variety of organisms.

We recommend the CPR AquaFuge Light. These lights are designed specifically for use with CPR's AquaFuges and feature an attractive silver housing, efficient reflector and a replaceable external starter. These lights have two stand options: the standard grey plastic stands or CPR's handcrafted clear acrylic stands that act as an external brace to provide additional structural support of the AquaFuge. The new CPR lights come in three different bulb wattages: 18W, 24W and 36W. They provide ample light for your refugium inhabitants to stay healthy and happy.

Once you got your refugium and light fixture, it's time to add some life to your fuge. Chaetomorpha is ideal for refugiums. It removes nitrates and phosphates and serves as a home for numerous critters like benthic copepods and amphipods. It also collects detritus and in this way serves as a filter.  Mysid Shrimps and Copepods are a great addition to any marine reef or fish system.

We recommend adding them either to your top tank or to the refugium, or both. Start a population in your system today and all life will thrive. Tisbe is an excellent all-purpose aquarium copepod owing to its role in the natural environment as a detritivore. An opportunist feeder, Tisbe can be used as a tank cleaner consuming uneaten food and wastes as well as phytoplankton in the tank and refugium. Tisbe is capable of producing many eggs during its adult life span that hatch into nauplii which will enter the water column as food for your filter feeding reef inhabitants and replenish the adult population vital to tank hygiene. Tisbe adults and juveniles may also enter the water column and be tasty and nutritious treats for your reef fish!