The Gourmet Defroster from Innovative Marine is a great way to defrost your frozen food and feed your fish at the same time. Typical feeding rings only hold food that floats where any food that sinks will just be blown around in your tank. The Gourmet Defroster lets you control the portion control with the adjustable holes built into the defrosting cups. Installing the Gourmet Defroster on your reef tank only takes a few seconds, and with the high powered neodymium magnet, you can place it almost anywhere you want around the top edge of the water line. On the sides of the defrosting cups, there are two small holes, one cup has vertical holes, and the other has two horizontal holes that allow water to flow into the cup defrosting and dispensing the food. We suggest trying both ways to see what works best for your aquarium. After you have the defroster mounted you can adjust the portion control holes by twisting the cups until the desired hole size is achieved. You can then place frozen food (thawed or still frozen) directly into the top cup, and it will slowly be defrosted and dispensed as water flows through the flow holes. We have had great success with almost all types of frozen foods, however larger foods like krill may be too large to fit through the dispensing holes. The other beneficial side effect that the IM Gourmet Defroster offers is that your food will no longer float down into your overflow allowing you to feed less food, keeping your tanks nutrients lower.