BRS 1.1mL and 50mL dosing pumps are perfect for 2-part dosing applications and top-off systems, but they can also be utilized for almost any liquid solution that needs to be metered daily into your aquarium. If the dosing pumps are maintained, they can last a long time, and the only maintenance item is the self-lubricating Santoprene tubing. We typically suggest changing the tubing out once a year to help keep the roller running smoothly around the tubing. Replacing the tubing is very easy and only takes a couple of minutes. By removing the dosing tube’s input and output connections and then removing the transparent plastic cover will give you access to the tube. Grab one end of the tubing and slowly lift it out of the dosing pump’s body, around the roller, and then removing the other end of the tube from the pump body. That will allow you to place the new tube into the dosing pump in the reverse order. Depending on the usage amounts of the dosing pump you may want to add a small amount of dosing tube lubricant once every other month or so and that will help aid the self-lubricating Santoprene tubing from drying out too fast and keep things rolling smooth.