Today on BRStv, we have another episode of BRS 52 FAQ where we answer all of your frequently asked reefing questions from our popular 52 Weeks of Reefing series. This week we are answering googlereallysucks question: "Can macro algae in a refugium drive nutrients too low?" Overall a refugium is very unlikely to strip your tanks nutrients to a level that is too low. When it comes to nutrients in a reef tank, a majority of people are only referring to nitrate and phosphate, but they are very far from the only important nutrients found in a reef tank. Refugiums are usually packed with chaetomorpha algae that in some systems can grow very quickly to the point that it may concern some reefers that it may be absorbing too much nutrient from the tank and possibly starving the corals. So follow along as we answer today's question, provide some helpful insight, and help make reefing just bit more fun and easy for you and your tank. If you would like to join the larger conversation about this topic, you can check out the Reef2Reef thread here - Click Here *Legal Stuff* The purpose and content of this video is to provide general information regarding the products and their applications as presented in the video. Aquatic sales solutions, inc. And its officers, directors, employees and agents disclaim all express or implied warranties, in any way, related to the products and their application as presented in this video, make no representation or warranty regarding the products and the application as presented in this video and shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages of any type, including but not limited to punitive damages, or from personal injury or death resulting from or in any manner related to the video, and the products in and contents of the video. The viewer expressly agrees that aquatic sales solutions, inc. And its officers, directors, employees and agents shall not be liable for any damages or losses related to the products in and content of the video and hereby agrees to hold the foregoing harmless from any such losses or damages.