Reef Breeders Photon V2 Pro brings cloud-based app control to the already proven and affordable Photon LED lights.


The Photon V2 Pro carries the same LED layout and technical specs as the previous Photon V2 but has been upgraded with the integration of a 2.4GHz wireless chip that allows you to connect and control the Photon V2 Pro using the Reef Nexus app on your smartphone. That means you can trust the performance and even upgrade your existing Photon V2 using the Reef Nexus Integration Kit.

Being a panel-style LED, the Photon V2 Pro delivers an even spread of light across your entire aquarium with a uniform spectrum and output. There are 5 different fixtures to choose from and should be chosen based on the length of your aquarium, or rather the area of reef you need to cover.

  Fixture Dimensions Coverage Area
Photon 16 V2 Pro 16″ L x 8.5″ W x 1″ H FOWLR/Softies: 24" x 24" - Mixed Reef: 24" x 24" - SPS: 24" X 24"
Photon 24 V2 Pro 23.5″ L x 8.5″ W x 1″ H       FOWLR/Softies: 38" x 24" - Mixed Reef: 36" x 24" - SPS: 30" x 24"
Photon 32 V2 Pro 31.5″ L x 8.5″ W x 1″ H FOWLR/Softies: 44" x 24" - Mixed Reef: 42" x 24" - SPS: 38" x 24"
Photon 48 V2 Pro 43″ L x 8.5″ W x 1″ H FOWLR/Softies: 52" x 24" - Mixed Reef: 50" x 24" - SPS: 48" x 24"
Photon 50 V2 Pro 47.5″ L x 8.5″ W x 1″ H FOWLR/Softies: 72" x 24" - Mixed Reef: 60" x 24" - SPS: 48" x 24"

LED Diodes with 100° TIR Optics

  • Channel 1 Deep Red Osram 3watt 660nm
  • Channel 2 Green Semi LED 3watt 520nm
  • Channel 3 Royal Blue Cree XT-E 5watt 450nm
  • Channel 4 White Cree XP-E 5watt 5500K
  • Channel 5 Cool Blue Cree XP-E 3watt 480nm
  • Channel 6 Violet Semi LED 3watt 420nm

What's In The Box

  • 1x Photon V2 Pro LED Light Fixture 
  • 1x Photon Hanging Kit
  • 1x Photon Tank Mounting Leg Kit
  • 1x Power Supply

Reef Nexus App

Using your smartphone, the Reef Nexus app connects directly to your Reef Breeders V2 Pro using the integrated wireless chip. The app features 6 color channels that are adjustable from 0% - 100% so you can customize the spectrum exactly the way you want it.  You can also create custom schedules with up to 14 setpoints or choose from one of the included presets. Your custom schedule can be saved as a preset and shared with other Photon users in the community or be used across multiple fixtures.


  • SPS Schedule
  • LPS / Mixed Reef Schedule
  • Softy Coral Schedule
  • Shared custom presets from other Photon users

Manual mode is also an option and works great for not only fine-tuning your spectrum visually but also allows you to temporarily override your preset for a set period of time. You might want to a create custom photography setting or crank up the violet and blue LEDs for extra fluorescence. You can then select a particular amount of time that manual mode will override your preset and it will automatically return to your preset so you don't forget! You can also take advantage of the integrated moon phase program that follows a 28-day lunar cycle as well as extremely smooth gradient ramping for natural sunrise and sunset effects. **NOTE: A wireless router with a 2.4GHz Wifi signal and internet connection is required to use Reef Nexus.

How to Setup Reef Breeders Photon V2 Pro

1. Mount & Download

Assemble and mount your new Photon V2 Pro LED over your aquarium and download the Reef Nexus app. The app is available in the app store for both iOS and Android-based devices. Plug in the LED fixture to power so you can proceed to connect using the app. 

2. Create Account & Connect

Upon opening the app, you will need to create an account.  Once you are in your account, click on the + icon in the Equipment menu to add your Photon V2 Pro and connect. Select "Reef Breeders Photon" and follow the prompts to pair your light with the app.  You can create a custom name for your tank and add multiple light fixtures if you need too. 

3. Verify Firmware

Upon connecting to your Photon, it may need to be updated with new Firmware which will happen automatically. Look at the indicator LED on the end of your Photon V2 Pro LED light, if its flashing pink the firmware update is in progress.  If it's solid green, the firmware is current and the fixture is ready for use. 

4. Test Color Channels

You will be presented with the manual color channel control first which is a good time to play with the sliders and get a feel for how the spectrum looks over your aquarium.  

Suggested Spectrum

  • Red 20%
  • Green 20%
  • Blue 100%
  • White 50% +/- to your liking
  • Cool Blue 100%
  • Violet 100%

5. Add Schedule

Select the Daylight option for easy scheduling. Set the sunrise for when the lights turn ON, and sunset when the light turns OFF.  Do not exceed a total of 12 hours for your daylight photoperiod and it can be adjusted to suit the time of day you are at home the most. Select your desired preset that best matches your tank goals for the type of coral you plan to keep.  You will also be presented with the moonlight settings which you can set if you like. 

6. Set Spectrum

After clicking next, you can then preview the color spectrum settings saved to the preset. You can adjust or just proceed with the preset spectrum settings for each of the six color channels.  We recommended you keep with the presets if you're not 100% sure how to set the spectrum, this is important for coral health.  Upon reviewing each of the six color channels, click next and the light will begin to operate using the schedule. Should you wish to go back and make changes, click on the settings button and edit or remove the schedule to start from scratch. 


If you run into any trouble with the app or simply have questions, you can reach out to Reef Breeders directly for live support. Being a cloud-based app that is accessible via the internet, they can actually log-in to your fixture and help you correct the settings and get your light up and running. Talk about full service!