Red Sea Reef Energy AB+ is an unmatched coral superfood that provides a wide variety of corals the nutrition they need to remain healthy and grow. It contains a proprietary blend of amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and carbohydrates that come in liquid form that corals can easily absorb.

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What’s included?

  • Reef Energy AB+ bottle
  • Setup guide
  • Measuring cup
  • User manual

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Why should I use it?

Most corals can create 80 percent of the nutrition they need from the algae living within their tissue, but, that still leaves at least 20% of the sustenance needed to thrive unaccounted for. This is where feeding your corals the Red Sea Reef Energy AB+ becomes a great option.

How much Reef Energy AB+ to dose based on your tank type

How often and how much should I dose?

It is recommended to dose this food daily and it can either be done manually or through the use of a dosing pump. The quantity varies based on coral density in your tank as well as the type of corals as every coral has different nutritional needs. 

Red Sea Reef Energy AB+ Feeding Tips

Feeding Tips:

Use the included measuring cup to pour out the perfect daily dosage for your tank. When adding this food into your system, turn off your return pump or put it into feed mode which will prevent your filtration from removing the food and allow for even dispersal across your reef. Spot feeding is also an option by mixing Reef Energy AB+ with tank water. Just be sure to dilute it using a 2:1 water to Reef Energy ratio when spot feeding. 

Red Sea Reef Energy Plus - Additional Features

Additional Features:

The Red Sea Reef Energy AB+ is available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L, and 5L sizes for you to choose from depending on your needs. This food can either be dosed by hand or, the bottle can be attached to a dosing pump using the unique bottle cap. Another interesting feature of this food is that it glows under blue LEDs. This will allow you to evaluate the performance of your powerheads as you can see where the food is being dispersed after being added to your tank. Red Sea also recommends refrigerating the food after opening to ensure longevity and avoid spoilage.  Being most of us do not dose directly from a refrigerator, only use one week's worth of Reef Energy AB+ at a time when using a dosing pump. Buying in bulk is still possible, just store your excess in the refrigerator inside a sealed container and fill up your dosing container/reservoir weekly.