The One Saltwater Aquarium Live Sand Most Reefers Choose For Their Reef Tanks. CaribSea Arag-Alive

Live sand has the great benefit of containing live nitrifying bacteria that will help to inoculate your new aquarium with the right kind of beneficial bacteria. The Arag-Alive Special Grade from CaribSea is the most popular live sand for reef tank owners because not only does it contain that live bacteria but it is also the perfect grain size for our high-flow reef tanks. It will provide a very natural-looking substrate to your reef tank but is not so small that it causes a sandstorm when you crank up those powerheads which is a common problem with the Bahama Oolite or Sugar-Sized sands. That larger grain size also makes it easier to siphon and clean because the larger granules are heavier and less likely to get sucked up into your siphon tube.

The sand does come wet which is designed to help maintain that beneficial bacteria in the bag which means it is pre-rinsed and will not cause a severe cloud when adding to your new tank as you get with dry sand options. It in addition to that, CaribSea contains a packet of water clarifier in every bag so you can easily obtain crystal clear water within the first 24 hours without much effort.

Arag-Alive Reef Sand

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