Reef Brite Tech and XHO LED lights are a great addition to many T5 light fixtures, especially ATI Sunpower fixtures. Typical T5 lights put out a lot of light but lack the shimmer many of us are looking for out of a light fixture, and adding one or two LED strip lights only takes a few minutes to install. There are a few different spectrums to choose from, but for a reef tank, we like the look and extra pop that the Blue Actinic Reef Brite LED produce. If you have a 24" light fixture, then you will want to get a 24" Reef Brite LED, or if you have a 36" fixture, you will want a 36" LED and so on. The XHO and Tech LEDs include mounting brackets that will pair up perfectly with your ATI lights end plate screws. Remove the brackets from the LED Strip and determine where you will want to install the new LED. We generally suggest mounting it on the front of the fixture and angling it towards the back side of the tank allowing it to illuminate what your eyes can see. Remove the screws from your ATI light, and using the screws attach the LED mounting brackets to the ATI fixture. Then reattach the LED strip light to the mounting brackets, and plug it into our favorite timer or controller.