Media reactors are an "active" approach to using filter media in your aquarium and will improve the effectiveness of both carbon and GFO. Water is actively pushed through the entirety of the media which increases contact time and allows the media to work faster. When used correctly, the water cannot channel around the media which ensures you are getting the most out of each batch of media. 

AquaMaxx makes a full line of Fluidized Media Reactors which are available in a variety of different styles and sizes. We broke things down by the reactor styles which should be chosen based on the particular installation requirements. You can then just choose the best size reactor based on how much you need to use at one time. Keep in mind, bigger is not always better when it comes to media reactors because it is far better to change out a small batch of media 1-2 times per month as opposed to a single large batch of media every other month.  

AquaMaxx Fluidized Media Reactors - The Original

These were the very first media reactors manufactured by AquaMaxx and pretty much follow that classic media reactor design. Sometimes called a reverse flow reactor, water is forced down through the center pipe and then disperses UP through the media after passing through a perforated dispersion plate. The inlet and outlet ports are located on top of the reactor and are intended for connection to flexible tubing. The included insert fittings are threaded into the lid which means the reactors can easily be modified for connection with standard PVC as well.

The reactor lid is held in place with nylon thumbscrews and an o-ring to keep it watertight. They are perfectly suitable for either internal or external applications meaning you can submerse them into your sump or simply set the reactor outside your sump on the floor without the worry of water leaks. 

The reactors are made from cell-cast acrylic and are available in four different sizes. An appropriate feed pump, tubing, and filter media are required and sold separately. You can also get the optional hang-on bracket which is compatible with the "standard" size reactor and allows you to hang it on the back of your tank or side of your sump. 

AquaMaxx Sigma Reactors

The Sigma Series reactors are great for situations where space inside your sump is limited. These reactors are unique in that they have a slim profile and come with the pump already installed. The pump is connected directly to the bottom of the reactor chamber which means no additional plumbing is required and a very small footprint in your sump. While installation is super simple, the design does limit the reactor to internal installations only. The reactor/pump combo must be submersed into a minimum of 4" of water for proper operation and will rest on the bottom.  There is no hang-on bracket available but you can use a skimmer stand or platform to elevate the reactor if the sump is really deep.  

FR Series Reactors

The AquaMaxx FR reactors are designed for hang-on applications and come in a couple of different styles. The FR-SE is a sealed chamber and suitable for hanging off the back of your tank with the included hang-on bracket. There is an inlet and outlet fitting on top of the reactor and a separate pump and appropriate plumbing are required.  

The FR-S and FR-M are a little different and designed to be hung inside the aquarium or sump.  These reactors include a pump that pushes water up through the media and then overflows out the top of the reactor. Great for situations where space is limited but can be obtrusive if installed inside the display.  These reactors are great for nano aquariums and AIO-style tanks.