This episode of BRStv provides a quick demo on how to control your Kessil controllable LED light using the Kessil Spectral Controller. Kessil is one of the most popular aquarium lighting options out there because of the unique color spectrum, single point shimmer and ease of installation and controllability. The addition of the Spectral controller makes these LED's even more appealing because there's now a simple, cost-effective way to program them. So let's go over how to install and use the Spectral controller! Step One: Install the mounting plate. The controller is actually magnetic, which is a great convenience when accessing it but for this reason I wouldn't suggest installing it directly over open water. Step Two: Power the controller with supplied cable and connect to the lamp using the unit link cable, also included. One end of the unit link cable goes to the port labeled "port one" on the controller. The opposite end goes to the port labeled "zero to ten volt input." TIP: There are two ports on the bottom of the controller, so you can control two separate tanks using the same controller. You can also link multiple lights to the same control function by daisy chaining the lights together, or by using another data link cable from the zero to ten output from the master light to the zero to ten input of the slave lights. Step Three: Let's do some basic programming and get familiar with the interface.Hit the center "select" button which will bring up four options: 1. Manual 2. Program 3. Port Set 4. Settings First, navigate to the "settings" tab and hit the center "select" button twice which will allow you to set the time and date. Next, use the upper right button to go back to the navigation and select the "manual" tab. Hit the center "select" button and navigate to port one, hit "select." Here, you can try adjusting the intensity and color spectrum using the two slider bars and arrow buttons. This is the same functionality as the knobs on the actual LED. Step Four: To set up a control cycle for your LED, hit the "program" tab and and open up a "quick select" box. Use the time spots to program when you want the lights to ramp up and down. Once you have your "quick set" cycle set-up, back out to the main menu and select the "port set" tab followed by "port one." Select the cycle you just created and back out to the main menu. Your light is now set to ramp up and down! Another notable feature of the Spectral controller is acclimation mode which slowly adjusts your corals to your new light or light program over as much as fourteen days which is nice.