The Genesis is the first automatically changing paper filter we had at BRS had ever come across (at Interzoo a few years back). The Genesis Paper Filter is a mechanical filter for your aquarium that uses a self changing roll of paper instead of the more commonly used filter sock. In the Genesis system water comes down through the overflow and passes through the sheet of filter paper in the filter. As the filter paper removes debris it slowly clogs. When that happens the water level rises and flows out a secondary exit. As the water flows out the secondary exit it passes over a water wheel. The water wheel rotates and mechanically turns the roll of paper, exposing fresh new paper. Compared to other similar concepts out there, the Genesis is unique because it doesn't require any electricity. The rolls are not controlled by motors and float switches, but is entirely mechanically via the water wheel. The secondary outlet also functions as a backup. In the event you are not home to change the filter material the water will simply pass around the filter and continue on its journey. Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: