NYOS introduced their new line of protein skimmers designed to skim aquariums from 500 liters to 2000 liters. The skimmers have an entirely transparent reaction chamber so that you can see what is going on inside. Good to know if a snail or other creature finds its way into the skimmer. The skimmer uses a combination of wedge pipe and gate valve to control the water level. Large adjustments are done via the wedge pipe and then finer adjustments are done via the integrated gate valve. NYOS is also introducing a new DC controllable skimmer. This particular skimmer is a prototype, not scheduled to be released for a while, that actually has color LED's built into the skimmer. Each speed of the motor has a different color LED associated with it so that you can tell what speed your skimmer is set to at a glance. We also were able to get a look at the NYOS test kits and additives. The test kits have a surprisingly high resolution for a non-digital test kit. They are also produced in Germany to ISO standards. NYOS has a wide variety of aquarium supplements available, including an entire line of liquid plankton and brine/Mysis shrimp supplements that do not need to be refrigerated. They are even certified organic! To make aquascaping easier they have also introduced their Reef Cement. It comes in powdered form that you mix with water to glue your aquascape together. Connect with us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BulkReefSupply Check out our pics on Instagram: http://instagram.com/bulkreefsupply