Nicola from Elos gave us the rundown on the whole Elos line-up starting with their Prima line of aquarium supplements. The Prima line is a very simple-to-use line of supplements that have easy-to-read instructions right on the bottle. The bottles even come with a QR code that can be scanned into a smartphone to load more instructions. Elos also offers an "Expert" line of supplements as well. The Expert line supplements are much more concentrated than the simple line. This means you have to be much more careful about dosing the right amount. Elos Vitamin is the same vitamins that Elos adds to their own fish food which we have used successfully here for quite some time. The Vitamin Extra from Elos can be added to other types of fish food to give it additional nutrition. The fish food itself doesn't require additional vitamins as it is already added to the food. Elos uses some unique procedures when they produce their fish food. They do not use frozen materials and all of the ingredients are from the ocean. They do not use things like beef, bananas, and papayas like some other fish foods do. He also wouldn't tell us what the trick is, but he said they do something special to the food to make it easier for the fish to see. The new Elos aquarium stand was one of the most interesting things that we saw this year at Interzoo 2014. The stand is built out of welded aluminum. The stand comes flat packed and the four sides are assembled when you receive it. The side panels of the stand are insulated to reduce noise and held onto the tank via magnets. Each can be snapped on and off very simply. The Planet Pro LED fixture has been updated this year as well. It is now compatible with both Wi-Fi as well as NFC technology. If you have an Android phone with NFC technology built into it, you simply download the application, tap your phone to the light, create the program you desire, and tap the phone to the light again. The program will be transferred wireless via NFC between the light and the phone. It can also be programmed via Wi-Fi using a computer as well. The Digital OsmoController is the auto top off system from Elos. It has an extremely low profile with a sensor that is about the width of a pencil. It is capable of detecting very small differences in the water level and topping off the tank correctly. It has a built-in microprocessor to control the pump and has a series of fail-safes programmed as well. Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: