Reefers work so hard on getting their tank up and running, but algae all over your aquarium glass makes it difficult to see all the cool fish and corals inside the tank. Today's episode of BRStv, we first explore ways to avoid the algae breakouts in the first place through water changes or using GFO to remove phosphates or keeping an ultra-low nutrient tank with a ZEOvit system. So what happens if the glass does get dirty. There are several glass cleaners and scrapers available that will do the trick. Choose a sleek magnetic Vertex Cleaner-Mag - available in several sizes. Algae Free Magnetic Cleaners come is several sizes for the various thicknesses of glass - be sure to find the one that is right for your tank. The Flipper is a unique product with two sides that allows you to flip the cleaner in the tank - no wet hands. How do you keep your tank clean? Share your comments below.