What makes the Gyre totally different than typical powerheads is that it intakes water from the bottom of the pump, and outputs a thin, powerful sheet of water flow that results in a very unique circular flow pattern. The unique water flow pattern really gets the entire tanks water volume moving, eliminating as many dead spots as possible and keeping most of the tanks detritus suspended for removal by filter socks and protein skimmers. Installation: There are three main components to the Gyre; the pump itself, the control box and the power supply. Mount the control box somewhere accessible, but away from water. Use drip loops for both the power supply and the control box where applicable. Mounting the pump is easy with the magnetic mounting bracket. The pump can be mounted on the side of the tank (most popular) or the back, either vertically or horizontally. Operation: The Gyre has modes like alternating gyre and pulse, which would allow you to use a single pump which is suitable for fish only tanks. Most people with reef tanks will likely want to use two pumps, with one on each side of the tank to ensure the corals are getting flow multiple angles. This will improve the corals health and help you achieve natural growth patterns. The three main operating modes are pulse, alternating gyre, and constant. - Pulse mode "pulses" the pump on and off in even increments of fractions of a second up to twenty seconds. - Alternating gyre mode can be used to alternate the direction of the water flow backward and forward. The reverse gyre is more localized and has a more dispersed flow pattern. Alternating gyre mode has much longer cycles than the pulse mode, between two minutes and twelve hours. - Constant on mode is pretty self-explanatory. Just set your desired flow speed and you're done! Quick tip: If you're trying to change modes on the Gyre controller and it isn't responding, you probably have it in set-up mode which would be indicated by a green light in the center. Hit the center wrench set-up button until it changes to blue, and you will be able to cycle through the different modes properly. Questions, comments? Let us know in the comments area below! Connect with us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BulkReefSupply Check out our pics on Instagram: http://instagram.com/bulkreefsupply *Legal Stuff* The purpose and content of this video is to provide general information regarding the products and their applications as presented in the video. Aquatic sales solutions, inc. And its officers, directors, employees and agents disclaim all express or implied warranties, in any way, related to the products and their application as presented in this video, make no representation or warranty regarding the products and the application as presented in this video and shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages of any type, including but not limited to punitive damages, or from personal injury or death resulting from or in any manner related to the video, and the products in and contents of the video. The viewer expressly agrees that aquatic sales solutions, inc. And its officers, directors, employees and agents shall not be liable for any damages or losses related to the products in and content of the video and hereby agrees to hold the foregoing harmless from any such losses or damages.