Feed mode is a convenient button you can press prior to feeding to shut off any equipment you may not want interfering, such as pumps or skimmers. Alternatively, you can use feed mode for things like maintenance. Triggering Feed Mode: On the display panel, hit the down arrow on the home screen. Hit once for feed mode A, or multiple times to toggle through modes A-D. TIP: The default feed mode is 5 minutes, but it can be changed by pressing the up arrow on the home screen to select 'outlet set-up', then scroll down to feed interval. Here you can change any of the feed intervals to your desired time. Programming Feed Mode: Return Pump & Skimmer In Fusion, select the gear symbol next to your return pump. Option: Feed Timer Select the feed mode you would like your return pump tied to. Programming Feed Mode: Advanced Return Pump: Option: Control Type Select "Advanced" and add the following lines of code: IF FeedA 000 Then OFF This will turn off the return pump for whatever interval you have set, which by default is 5 minutes. Skimmer: Option: Control Type Select "Advanced" and add the following lines of code: IF FeedA 005 Then OFF This will turn off the skimmer for 5 minutes in addition to the default of 5 for a total of 10 minutes. TIP: If you have additives you don't want your skimmer to remove, you can set the skimmer to be off for 2 hours after dosing, just change 005 to 120. Since there are 4 feed modes, you could set them up for various types of food. For example, if you have use floating pellets for top feeding fish, you may also want to turn off your powerheads. You can use feed mode B by adding "If FeedB 000 Then OFF" in the advanced code for the powerheads to achieve this. Note that on the skimmer and return you probably have two feed lines now. One for feed mode "A" and one for "B". Programming Feed Mode: Maintenance You can also set up feed mode C or D to turn things off by adding a feed mode line of code to any outlet you would like to turn off during a water change. This allows you to simply hit the feed mode, and once you've completed you can either hit 'cancel' to turn everything back on, or wait for the feed mode to end and automatically turn everything back on. TIP: Feed mode does not limit you to turning things off. Let's say you wanted to get creative and add a light in your cabinet. You can set the outlet's control to "advanced" and enter this line of code "If FeedC 000 Then ON". This would turn on the cabinet light during maintenance. Have questions about feed mode? Want to share some cool things you have done with it? Check out the comments area down below -- we'd love to hear about it! Check out the entire Apex line: http://brs.li/neptuneapex Watch the whole playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBaMLrfToJyz8091y-PoECoUo5QfMGg1S Connect with us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BulkReefSupply Check out our pics on Instagram: http://instagram.com/bulkreefsupply