Learn how to make a DIY rail kit for your EcoTech Radion LED lights! Tools needed: 1. Hack Saw 2. Cheap Miter Box 3. Measuring Tape 4. Allen Wrench 5. Marker 6. Drill 7. Steel Wool, various grades Materials: 1. Radion Hanging Kit 2. C-Channel Aluminum Bar (Preferably 1/2" tall x 7/8" wide) 3. Stainless Steel Screws (should be a bit longer than your C-Channel; we used 16MM) Tip: You can find these items at your big box hardware stores, although we actually had the most luck at smaller, local hardware stores. Step 1: Cut two pieces of c-channel to length using a hacksaw and a miterbox to keep your cut straight. Length depends on how you want to space your LED's as well as the size of the tank. We cut ours to (1) 35 3/8" and (1) 16". Step 2: Use course steel wool to brush the surface of cut pieces for a brushed aluminum look. This helps hide any imperfections. Follow up with a finer grade steel wool for a smooth, clean appearance. Step 3: On the shorter piece of c-channel, mark spots 5/16" from either end of bar for holes. Start by drilling a small pilot hole and then a larger hole. Step 4: Using our new bracket, use your new screws to attach it to the front two middle screws. Step 5: With the longer piece, mark the spot for the next two holes (also 5/16" from either end). Step 6: For the two middle holes, measure the distance between the sockets on the Radion, which is 9 3/4". From that spot, you'll drill the first hole and measure out 9 3/4" for the next whole. Do the same on the other side and drill. Before assembling everything, be sure to route the power cord through the c-channel, then use bolts to attach everything. Don't forget, you'll need to attach your hanging bracket as well. Finally, hang the light, slide in the cables, adjust the height and slip the excess cable into the sides of the mounting rail. Tip: You can use a strip of double stick tape inside the channel to hold the cord in place. If you have any tips on how to improve this project, check out the comments area down below. If this is your first time with us hit that subscribe because we upload a new how to every Tuesday. See ya next week with another episode of BRStv. Connect with us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BulkReefSupply Check out our pics on Instagram: http://instagram.com/bulkreefsupply