After posting some photos of our customer support supervisor's reef tank on our blog and social networks, we received a lot of requests from hobbyists asking to see more of Walter's tank. We recently visited Walter's home and shot some footage of his 60-gallon reef aquarium. Check out this video clip to learn about Walter's dosing system, lighting and his maroon clown, Fred.


- A peak inside our customer support supervisor's aquarium stand:

- Our customer support supervisor's 60-gallon reef tank:


Name: Walter

Title: Customer Support Manager

Years in the Hobby: 20

Current tank: 60 gallon cube

Past tanks: 150 gallon reef, 100 gallon planted, 90 gallon cube reef, 24 gallon planted

Favorite tank: 150 gallon reef and the 24 gallon planted

Favorite equipment: EcoTech MP10—Love the radom flows; TrueLumen Pro LED Striplights—Very bright and cool to the touch

Favorite Fish: Maroon Clowns

LPS or SPS?: SPS, Purple-tip acros

Most rewarding experience as a hobbyist: I remember desperately wanting to keep the sand crabs I collected inside my bucket of sand and ocean water as a kid. Now I have the good fortunate to watch ocean life grow and thrive in my aquarium!

Worst hobby memory: Moving my aquarium into my new home and stressing over the well-being of my wet pets

How did you get in to the hobby: I inherited an aquarium from a friend and put goldfish in it

Would you rather know what your fish are thinking or have an aquarium that never needs a water change: I would rather know what my fish are thinking, especially my maroon clown: that guy likeS to move stuff around when I am not looking!

Best advice to give to a hobbyist: Research to find out what the best equipment is for you, your pets and your budget.