Julian's Thing is a new multi-purpose coral feeder and liquid applicator from Two Little Fishies. It includes a syringe, tubing and applicator to feed aquarium corals, anemones, zoanthids, seahorses and timid or slow moving fish.

Julian's Thing can also be used to administer pest treament solutions on Aiptasia and Manjano anemones, siphon out small items or blow detritus off rocks and sand.

When using Julian's thing to target feed corals, first mix your coral food in a cup or container with some aquarium water. We're using Coral Frenzy for this demonstration. As you can see in the video, Julian's Thing has an anti-backflow valve, so be sure not to remove it since it will prevent water and food from flowing back into the pipe.

Next, slip on an applicator tip. Submerge the tip into the coral food solution you made and pull the syringe handle. Notice only the tip fills up thanks to the anti-backflow valve.

Point the tip near the mouth of your fish or coral and push the syringe handle. The tips accommodate enough food to feed multiple corals. You can see in the video how corals close to eat once they've been target fed.

Each piece of Julian's Thing easily slip fits together, so taking them apart to clean is a breeze.

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