Marine fish are a beautiful addition to a reef aquarium. They add color, movement and personality to the tank. Just like corals, reef fish need proper nutrition to remain healthy and vibrant. Fish nutrition is not just about boosting growth. Feeding correctly is ensures the long-term health of the fish. Since our aquariums can’t duplicate the diverse array of live foods found in nature, we have to rely on live, frozen and prepared foods.

No one type of fish food can provide all the amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients marine fish require. We solve this dilemma by feeding a variety of high-quality foods to cover all the nutritional bases.

SeaVeggies are made of 100% natural red, green and purple seaweeds. The seaweed is harvested, dried and cut into bite-sized flakes. Nutritional qualities vary between the algae types but all provide protein, fat and fiber along with essential minerals and trace elements that enhance health, growth and color.

We really like how the flakes don’t disintegrate when placed in the aquarium water. This means the nutrients are retained inside the algae until the flakes are eaten by the fish.

The SeaVeggie flakes can be fed by hand or used with automatic fish feeders.

SeaVeggies are a favorite food of tangs, parrotfish, angelfish, larger butterflyfish. Other fish often find the sea weed tasty too. The only way to know is to experiment and see what your fish like. SeaVeggies are even available as a blend of red, green and purple seaweed flakes. Using a variety of foods ensures your fish are getting the right nutrition. Two Little Fishies SeaVeggies are one type of fish food every saltwater and reef aquarists should have in their cabinet.