ReeFlo Sword Tail Pressure Pump

Built and tested in Colorado!

The SwordTail is Reeflo`s new pressure rated version of the Dart that is perfect for 75-150 gallon tanks. It uses the same motor and pump head but the impeller is customized to allow to flow up to 20` of head pressure.

Ports are 2\" FPT inlet and 1-1/2\" FPT outlet. But don`t worry, if you want or need to use smaller plumbing, go ahead and reduce it down! All you need to do is add the desired bushing on the suction side, and then make sure the discharge/outlet is the same or smaller diameter than the inlet. For example, if you need to have a 1\" outlet, then you just need to make sure the inlet is 1\" as well. Or if you know you want a 1\" inlet , then just make sure the outlet is the same 1\" or less.


-Near silent operation

-Minimal heat transfer

-Units are pre-wired with an 8ft cord and molded 115V plug

-Low Speed

-Low Wattage

-Fan-cooled motor


-Maximum Flow Rate: 1,750gph

-Maximum Shut-Off Head: 20`

-Power Consumption: 150W

-Inlet/Outlet: 2\" FNPT / 1.5\"\" FNPT

-Warranty: 3-year manufacturer`s warranty