Filter-feeding corals and other invertebrates can sense, capture and digest free-floating foods in the aquarium. Polyp Lab developed Reef Roids for hard-to-feed Goniopora corals but soon discovered all filter-feeding invertebrates responded to the food.

Instead of using ordinary fish meal, Reef Roids contain a proprietary blend of naturally nutritious high-protein plankton. The carefully sized 150-200 micron particles are the ideal for all types of filter-feeding corals. Corals capture the particles and draw them into their stomachs for digestion and assimilation of the proteins, lipids and trace elements.

Each particle is also rich in astaxanthin, a natural color-enhancing carotenoid found in zooplankton. All of these nutrition and natural color enhancing ingredients add up to vigorous coral growth with more intensive coloration. Reef Roids can be target fed, broadcast into the water or blended with other foods.

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