NYOS Chromys is a liquid zoological plankton concentrate of high-quality Mysis shrimp. The high-quality Mysis relicta varies in sizes up to 20mm and is well known to be one of the best foods for marine aquarium fish and corals.

NYOS Chromys should be fed directly into the aquarium and no rinsing, defrosting or refrigeration is required. Turning off your pumps and powerheads during feeding helps reduce food waste and allows your fish and corals to easily capture the highly nutritious shrimp from the water column.

We really like all the entire line of NYOS liquid foods because of the careful attention to detail when catching, processing and packaging the products which results in a very high quality raw material for your aquarium.

The palatable Mysis shrimp inside of NYOS Chromys is an excellent source of nutrition for all aquarium fish and is especially useful for breeding and hard to feed aquarium fish such as Dragonettes, Pipefish, Seahorses and the like.

If you are looking for an easy to use and highly nutritious food to add to your feeding regime, look no further than NYOS Chromys to increase vitality and overall health of your aquarium inhabitants.




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