Today Matthew gives the rundown on his new build for the Innovative Marine Encore, speaks with TopLids about his new custom aquarium topper, and runs through how to plan and plumb a sump!

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Build List - Encore Build - 0:00:00

Innovate Marine Encore Bundle:

Eheim Jager Heater:

XP Aqua Duetto Auto Top Off:

Kessil A80 Tuna Blue:

Kessil Mini Gooseneck:

AI Prime HD:

AI Prime Flex Mounting Arm:

Coralife T5 Fixture:

Product Spotlight - Top Lids Customer Aquarium Lid - 0:07:20

Reefurbish - How to Plan your Plumbing - 0:14:26

Find Plumbing Supplies:

Find Overflow Boxes:

Find MD Sump:

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