The AquaMaxx HOB-1 is our best-selling and one of the industry’s most favored hang-on protein skimmers and for good reasons.

The solid acrylic construction matched with a high quality, modified, Sicce pump provides unmatched performance and quiet operation. The unique bubble plate helps reduce turbulence inside the skimmer reaction chamber and increase dwell time which ultimately means the skimmer will remove more waste. This is especially effective for small hang-on skimmers where reaction chambers are small and dwell time is limited. The HOB-1 fits onto aquariums up to ¾” thick and rated for tanks up to 75 gallons!

The responsive collection cup is easy to remove and clean and also has a convenient skimmate drain line. The optional bubble stopper easily attaches to the outlet of the skimmer and will catch escaping micro-bubbles.

AquaMaxx really hit the nail on the head with this skimmer and be sure to check out the HOB-1 if you are looking for an effective, high quality hang-on protein skimmer.


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