The latest FC series protein skimmers from AquaMaxx are yet another example of AquaMaxx’s dedication to providing all of us with high quality and functional products that help you spend less time worrying about equipment and more time enjoying your aquarium.

The FC skimmers are available in four sizes suitable for all tank sizes up to a maximum of 420 gallons.

Although these FC skimmers come with quite a few new features, one that hasn’t changed is the high-quality shark pump from Sicce. As always, each Shark pump is specifically designed to draw air and water in the ideal ratio to remove as much waste from your system as possible. Quiet operation combined with long-lasting performance are what keep these shark pumps at the top of the list.

The FC skimmers also contain the highly efficient bubble chambers that feature custom diffusors to reduce turbulence and create a stable laminar flow inside of the skimmer which helps get more waste out of your aquarium.

All of us here at Marine Depot really liked the new design features. The newly designed dome on the top of the collection cup gently guides the protein rich foam down into your collection cup. This clever dome adds a generally unique aesthetic that allows a clear view into how your skimmer removes waste from your tank.

AquaMaxx has also introduced a one piece, wine glass shaped, acrylic skimmer body and when combined with the advanced bubble plate, the FC skimmers will quickly and effectively scrub your aquarium water free of organic waste with minimal effort.

The new gate valve style outlet cuts back on the skimmer’s overall footprint and allows you to precisely control the foam level inside. The new adjustable air silencer adds to this precision control by allowing you to quickly and easily regulate the amount of air being drawn into the skimmer pump with a slight turn.

Time and time again AquaMaxx has produced brilliant protein skimmers that provide hobbyists like us with a great value. Not only are the AquaMaxx FC skimmers affordable but they are also built to last and contain a variety of excellent features that make these skimmers second to none.

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