Each manufacturing run of the liquid reagents, dropper tips and color comparison cards are tested to assure quality and accuracy.

In addition to a full line of single parameter test kits, API offers two Master Test Kits that are specifically tailored for marine aquariums.

The Saltwater Master Kit contains the four main tests needed to monitor water quality in any saltwater aquarium.

* High Range pH

* Ammonia

* Nitrite

* And Nitrate

These four basic parameters are important to monitor when first setting up a marine aquarium to ensure the tank is matured and ready for live inhabitants. It is also important to monitor these basic parameters in an established aquarium to ensure your tank is healthy and thriving.

The Reef Master Kit focuses specifically on the four major parameters that are important to reef-keepers or aquariums that contain live corals.

* Calcium

* Carbonate hardness or alkalinity

* Phosphate

* And Nitrate

These parameters are used to ensure the corals have the necessary elements available to grow and lets you monitor waste levels. Elevated waste levels in a reef tank can inhibit coral growth and promote nuisance algae growth.

Each of the master test kits comes with four glass test tubes, caps and a plastic tray that doubles as a test tube rack. This makes it easy to add drops of reagent without needing to hold the test tube.

The laminated color comparison cards are great because they are durable and will resist accidental water damage. They also utilize high quality ink when printing the cards, which helps maintain consistent color matching.

As with all test kits, accuracy depends on following the instructions exactly as described by the manufacturer. API provides a detailed instruction manual complete with helpful testing tips. Each color card also has pictogram instructions on the back, so you donÕt have to page through the user manual while performing the tests.

Monitoring your aquarium's water quality is vital for maintaining a stable marine environment that is suitable for keeping saltwater fish and invertebrates. API Master test kits are easy to use, affordable and provide a simple way to keep an eye on your tank's most important water quality parameters.