API Marine Calcium

Many of us grew up using API products for our freshwater tanks so if new to marines and overwhelmed by the plethora of brands and bottles Marine Calcium, Magnesium, and Buffer Max by API are a good place to start dosing and maintaining water chemistry in your tank.

Calcium, Magnesium, and Alkalinity are the three main elements that are used up by corals as they grow. We replace the three by testing the water and using accordingly to maintain stable levels just like corals experience in the sea.

Too low and corals can suffer and die, but maintain them properly and you’re halfway to becoming a successful reef keeper, with few coral species being beyond your capabilities.

Get API Marine Calcium, Magnesium, and Marine Buffer Max along with tests for Calcium, Magnesium, and KH (also known as Alkalinity,) and begin dosing based on your tank’s daily consumption. It’s as easy as that.

API Marine Magnesium