Blue Life Clear FX Reef 225ml
Carbon and organic scavenger resin in one

Clear FX is an all-in-one chemical filter media by Blue Life USA that’s available in both freshwater and reef formulas. A combination of carbon and organic scavenger resins, Clear FX Reef claims to target organics that feed nuisance algae including ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate without removing phosphate or trace elements.

The new formula chemical media boasts double the scavenger resin it had before, increasing oxygen and redox (ORP) while stabilizing pH and polishing the water at the same time. 

Pre-bagged, you simply place the bag into the main tank, filter section or sump, sit back, and watch your water clear. I’m guessing one component of the organic scavenger may be Zeolite or a product like it, which is known to remove ammonia, although I would have welcomed some Phosphate remover in the mix for a three-stage chemical filter that will clean, polish, soak up nitrogenous waste and phosphate, as any phosphate levels much above zero are too high for me.

Products like these work well in short term display tanks too at aquarium conferences, where crystal clear water is needed in a short time and ammonia-free water needs to be maintained in a new but fully stocked tank, for the duration of the show.