Fans of moving bed aquarium filters will be pleased to hear that their favourite K1 bioreactor media is now available with a larger surface area and matures more quickly too.

Named K+, the new biological media is superficially similar to K1, being designed to self-clean when tumbled as well as harbouring those all-important quiet zones in the void spaces inside.

K+ has an extra layer of cells versus standard K1 media

But K+ has lots more surface area both inside and out when compared to standard K1, meaning even more ammonia busting power, more tiny homes for beneficial lifeforms like rotifers and if used in a static, not a moving bed, improved mechanical filtration capabilities too.

With 1350m2 per m3 total surface area and 1025m2 per m3 of protected surface area, K+ has the plastic filter media surface area race well and truly won, but a little known fact is that the more surface area you have, the longer it takes to mature in the first place. Think coating media with bacterial biofilm being like painting a fence. The longer the fence, the more time it takes to paint, and cover its surface. 

So K+ designer and manufacturer Evolution Aqua in the UK has overcome this by adding minerals during the extrusion process to rough up the surface area of the media, and enzymes to make it sticky and further facilitate bacterial colonisation. 

Its whats inside that counts when it comes to biological media

Ceramics do seam to reign supreme in the aquarium filter media market and most plastic media for most people is all a bit meh. But get into it and this stuff is a quantum leap ahead of that black plastic stuff that comes free with most filters.

Take an airstone and some K+ media and build your own self-cleaning moving bed biofilter, either in a plastic bottle in the main tank or contained in a sump. And if you don’t want to be left out of the K+ protected surface area party they do a sinking, static version of K+ which you can put into any filter or reactor, replace or add to your current bio media, and use in the more conventional way. 

K+ is suitable for all freshwater and saltwater tanks, and ponds.

Specially extruded to facilitate faster bacterial colonisation