Reefkeeping just got a little bit easier with the launch of D-D’s new Skimmer Guardian. As the name suggests this nifty little device prevents protein skimmers from overflowing or flooding by way of a sensor that sits inside the cup, cutting power to the skimmer pump if the water level inside gets too high.

You plug your skimmer pump into the supplied socket, place the sensor at the height that you want, and leave it, and if anything does happen it will also let you know by way of an optical and audible alarm. 

No more dumping 

There’s nothing more annoying than feeding an oily food or adding a supplement that affects the surface tension and causes your skimmer to dump its skimmate back into your system. Or when you turn your return pump off, water back-siphons, filling the sump and causing your skimmer to overflow. 

It’ll help with skimmer adjustment too as we’ve all been there when we tweak the running height, leave the skimmer, only to find out later it skimmed too high and too wet and is cascading tank water back into your sump.  

Or what about HOB skimmers, which really can cause a flood if their cups overflow? It could really help there too. The manufacturer claims it will fit to 99% of skimmer models, can take pumps up to 2200 watts and comes with a 10’ sensor cable, also making it suitable for commercial-sized skimmers.

A very useful piece of reefing equipment for skimmers large and small.