New products just keep on coming from the Maxspect stable, this time with the launch of the Maxspect Jump MJ-L165 LED lighting system. Like with their pumps and skimmers, Maxspect continue to take their own unique design direction and we’re liking the styling and features, yet lower price points, of the Jump range so far.

The MJ-165 looks superficially similar to the Maxspect Ethereal, only no controller is necessary, the light clusters underneath are slightly different and it runs at a maximum of 65 watts instead of the Ethereal’s 130 watts. Either way, Maxspect LED lights look different from most of the other makes and models on the market. 

It also runs on a new app called Syna-G Cloud, not to be confused with Syna-G, which isn’t cloud-based, enabling instant hook up to smart devices and control from anywhere around the world.  

The MJ-165 has a lunar cycle, acclimation mode and redirects maximum power to the LED spectrum you select instead of just turning off the ones that you don’t. And with those features and wattage, they’re clearly going after the AI Prime’s huge share of the entry-level but still, high-end Reef LED market.

The light is populated with 42 LEDs in 10 different colours, but unlike the Prime, you don’t appear to get individual control of every single colour, with early app screen renditions looking to show six channels. Maxspect is keen to point out however that when running at either 12, 16 or 20,000K you still get to use virtually all of that 65-watt max output. 

I’ve always enjoyed the violet side of Maxspect lights and the MJ-165 includes 2 x 390nm violet LEDs to really fill and broaden the spectrum peak around that all-important 400nm mark. 

It will light tanks of 24x24” on its own, with extendable tank mounting bracket available separately. Price, exact details and official release date to be confirmed. 

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