Staff at the Toba Aquarium, Japan, have found faecal matter in their giant isopod tank. This wouldn’t be a big deal if it weren’t for the fact that they haven’t seen a trace of poop in over two years, and these giant deepwater Pillbugs can go without food for six!

Toba has been taking care of five giant isopods, which can grow to 20” long, since 2007, where they’ve been studying them and trying to find out more about them. 

One didn’t eat for five years before sadly passing away, but they’ve been known to go without food for six. According to a report in, this latest poop contained the scales of fish species not fed to them by the aquarium, meaning its from a meal that it had in the ocean over seven years ago, before capture.

They’re known to be voracious feeders in the depths of the ocean with deepwater submarine footage even showing one attacking a shark. 

So the lessons from this story are first, giant isopods wouldn’t make good clean up crew, and if you have a difficult or reluctant feeder in your aquarium - hang on in there!