Focustronic, the makers of Alkatronic, Dosetronic and Mastertronic have today showed off a new roller filter concept on Facebook. Named the Filtertronic, the fleece filter is showed off on a Red Sea Reefer 250 sump illustration, replacing the supplied filter socks and their housing. 

“We do things a little differently at Focustronic. We tell the public what we are doing instead of giving surprises for some products,” states Focustronic on its fb page. 

First look

The Filtertronic is shown in what looks like black acrylic, with stated (estimated,) dimensions of 245x132mm/ 9.6x5.2”. We’re not sure at this stage what if any features are different from existing roller filters but they have used the hashtag #focustronicecosystem so we’re guessing they are working towards a complete, holistic equipment system one day to work with their lights, dosers and controllers. 

What all roller filters dosers need is a decent motor and ease of set up and changing the roll without getting it wrong. Some people require pre-assembled models or higher flow rates while others are very happy with the market-leading Clarisea. 

The roller future I guess might be app control or at least notifications to say if the roll is running low, or if there’s an error. And Focustronic are marketing this new concept as Smart, so who knows? A wi-fi controlled filter could send many notifications including water level, motor jam, or estimated life of roll based on current use perhaps? I know many people are crying out for some sort of feed mode whereby the filter could be bypassed automatically at feeding time to prevent all the food from being taken out of the water straight away, while also prolonging the life of the roll at the same time?

Roller filters are the present and future of mechanical filtration in saltwater systems, however, so we eagerly await more details about this device as and when they become available. The FB post is already generating lots of comments from brand-loyal Focustronic users who want to complete the Focustronic, Alkatronic, Dosetronic, Mastertronic, Filtertronic set.