The news we’ve all been waiting for from EcoTech Marine is here. From June 1st all Vortech and Vectra pumps will be manufactured with Mobius firmware installed. That means that the latest pumps will be controllable via the Mobius app alongside recent generation Radion LED lights, and the all-conquering Versa dosing pump. So no more additional ReefLink device necessary, and you can knock the price of the ReefLink off your future EcoTech marine equipment package. 

But like all good manufacturers EcoTech have made the new pumps backwards compatible in that through the Mobius app, they can be downgraded to run EcoSmart Live as before, so if your existing Radions, Vortechs or Vectra are running ESL and you need a new pump, you can control them just as before, with your existing equipment, and importantly ESL will continue to operate and be supported. 

And just before you ditch all your existing non-Mobius running EcoTech equipment, existing ESL firmware pumps will be upgradeable to Mobius in the near future, which is great to hear and will no doubt calm the anxiety of existing EcoTech owners who want all their gear to be as up to date and as feature-rich as possible.  

Flow revision 

EcoTech has said that design, performance and even price of the new pumps will not change, although published flow numbers will be revised to more accurately describe the actual flow. New Mobius firmware pumps will be identifiable by stickers on the boxes, and they aim to start shipping from as early as June 1st too, but warn that initial availability will be limited due to ongoing circumstances around the world.

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