Dave Troop Aquatic Life

David Troop is the co-owner of Aquatic Life. David's passion has always been marine fish! Growing up in Pennsylvania, David obtained his marine biology degree from Millersville University and spent 17 years gaining retail experience at That Fish Place in Lancaster, PA. David was instrumental in the development of many new products for ESU/Coralife and Central Aquatics over the years.

Today, David overseas product development, operations and customer satisfaction at Aquatic Life. You can find David at the Reef-A-Palooza shows, MACNA and on Reef2Reef!

David joined us on a live call February 1, 2019 to share his aquarium lighting expertise and help hobbyists select the right light for their tank. We discussed LED, T5, and—you guessed it—hybrid fixtures! Aquatic Life offers a ton of cool reverse osmosis systems and accessories so we also explored that topic pretty deeply as well on the call.

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