Current USA Ike Eigenbrode

Current USA's sales and marketing guru Ike Eigenbrode recently joined us to share how sound and color can completely transform your aquarium keeping experience!

Ike is an aquarium industry veteran with over 30 years of experience caring for aquatic life, designing and building aquarium technology, and marketing it to freshwater and saltwater hobbyists around the globe.

Current USA's latest innovation, Serene, combines aquarium lighting, background lighting, and audio to change your mood and stimulate your feelings using a technique called chromotherapy.

We quizzed Ike about Current USA's Serene, their hugely popular control platform LOOP, and what we can expect from the company in 2019. Then, hobbyists from around the country had the opportunity to ask Ike everything they've ever wanted to know about lighting, flow, or creating the right colors in your home or office for relaxation or productivity.

This live call was originally recorded on January 18, 2019. Once you're done listening to this installment, we encourage you to check out Marine Depot Chats with Experts episodes 1-10 on our blog. We record every episode so you'll never miss an insight or announcement!

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